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Library/Beit Midrash

Committee Chair: Sam Englander
Tel: 212-7242700

The Library/Beit Midrash committee is dedicated to the organization and development of the shul’s literary resources.  Our annual learning program is aimed towards bringing the community together to benefit from the Beit Midrash. We look forward to making the Library and Beit Midrash a place where everyone will feel comfortable to read and learn, study and grow. We welcome you to  make a request for books to be obtained or make a donation to honor a loved one’s memory.

After evaluating the community's needs, we have pre-selected a series of sefarim that we believe the shul's library needs. We would greatly appreciate it if you would donate any of the following books:  

Koren Tanach (2) $55 each
JPS commentaries on the Torah $75 per volume; $375 for the set
JPS commentaries on the Haftarot $75
The Beginning of Desire (by Avivah Zornberg) $30 
The Murmuring Deep: Reflections on the Biblical Unconscious (by Avivah Zornberg) $30
Exploring Exodus (by Nahum Sarna) $30

Mishnayot Yachin U’Boaz (13 volume set) $325 

Death and Bereavement: A Halakhic Guide $80

Children's books  $36, $54, $72
The Little Midrash Says- $30 per volume; $150 for set of 5 

Thanks to your donations, the following books have recently been purchased and added to our library:

JPS Tanach (5)
Mourning in Halachah
Malbim on the Torah 
Medrash Rabbah on the Torah (Hebrew) 
39 Melachos (4 volume set) 
Jastrow dictionary 
Mikraot Gedolot - Bereishit  
The Midrash Says - Devarim 
Ramban al haTorah  (7 volume set)
Duties of the Heart/ Chovot Halevavot

We greatly appreciate your donation, which ensures that our library is constantly growing.

Wed, July 18 2018 6 Av 5778