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Taharat Hamishpachah Teachers


Ariella Zirkind received a BA in Judaic Studies from Stern College and is a certified kallah teacher through the National Council of Young Israel. Ariella offers a text-based curriculum that provides a thorough understanding of the halachot of family purity. Non text-based classes are also available for students more comfortable learning without Hebrew sources. Please contact Ariella.

Rabbi Dovid Zirkind (JC Assistant Rabbi) teaches chattan classes. The course consists of three hour-long sessions, covering the Halachot of Taharat HaMishpacha, planning for your wedding and Jewish Marriage more generally. Classes are offered throughout the year both one-on-one and in groups. Those interested should contact Rabbi Zirkind.

Questions to Consider Before Beginning the Class

Having a positive and meaningful experience in your kallah classes is so important, and a big part of that is finding a teacher that works for you. These questions provide a light framework to help you figure out what kind of classes will work best for you. Once you have your answers you can find a teacher that provides exactly what you're looking for. 

1. Are you Sephardic or Ashkenaz? 
2. Are you interested in learning through original sources, seeing the sources in English, or learning in a non-source based class?
3. Do you prefer learning in a group or individually? Are you looking for a teacher you can have a long term relationship with?
4. Who is your Rav? Who is your fiance’s Rav? Is this kallah teacher working within the same hashkafic and halachic arena as you?
5.  Is it most important to you to focus on halacha? Are you more interested in learning about haskhafah and shalom bayit topics? 
6. How much previous sex education do you have? Are you looking for a kallah teacher who includes sex education in her classes?
7. Are there aspects of the curriculum that you have already learned or do not apply to you? Ex: is this your second marriage and you have already learned and practiced the laws of taharat hamishpacha?
8. Have you experienced any trauma that may make keeping these halachot or having an intimate relationship difficult? Are you looking for referrals and support? 
9. Who is your fiance learning with? 
10. What is your budget for kallah classes?
11. Are you sure the time and location of the kallah classes work for you and you can commit to attending all classes?

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