The Jewish Center

August 23, 2014
27 Av 5774

The Jewish Center, a cornerstone of Modern Orthodox Jewish Life on the Upper West Side, inspires its members and embraces the broader Jewish community through vibrant prayer, serious Torah study,
spiritual inquiry, charitable endeavors, appreciation of world culture
and an abiding commitment to the State of Israe
The Jewish Center will be the religious, intellectual and spiritual home of each of its members and a Modern Orthodox center for Jewish life and learning that is welcoming to all. 

Saturday, September 06, 2014 - Welcome Kiddush in Honor of Gali

Thursday, September 11, 2014 - Where Does Israel Go Now? An Insiderís View

Monday, September 15, 2014 - JC STAFF STAIR CHALLENGE

Sunday, October 26, 2014 - High Holiday Forms

JC Updates

Help TD Bank Help The Jewish Center - The JC is involved in an Affinity Program with TD Bank. Click here for more information.


Join Community Security Service - Join our shul's security team! We are looking for additional volunteers to protect our family, friends and home. A prerequisite two-session course will be provided on the Upper West Side. 

·         The course is not physical; no previous experience is necessary. 
·         All members are welcome 
·         Training will be provided by Community Security Service (CSS)
If interested, please contact Yaron Kinar at or Rachel Wolf at

Shabbat Times

Parshah: Re'eh
Friday Minchah:7:00PM
Candle Lighting:7:27PM
Young Leadership:9:30AM
Daf Yomi:6:35PM

Weekday Times

Week of August 24:
Shacharit: Sunday:8:30AM
Minchah: Sunday - Thursday:7:25PM
Shacharit: Monday and Thursday:7/8AM
Shacharit Tuesday & Wednesday (Rosh Chodesh):6:45 & 8AM