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Online Learning


Daf Yomi with Israel Friedman



Jewish Encounters With Other Cultures
April 30th 6:30PM,
May 7th  8:15PM



Women’s Tehillim on Zoom

 Young Leadership Open Beit Midrash


 Nosh & Drash Rabbanit Adena Berkowitz

Still a Dream? A Century of Religious Zionism, Rabbi Dr. Yosie Levine
This Tuesday!

Living Room Learning Corporations In Jewish Law: Limited Liability, Bankruptcy, and Corporate Restructures With Rabbi Kalman Laufer



Women of the Bible With Rabbi Dr. Yosie Levine

Women's Talmud Shiur with Tzophia Stepansky


Medical Malpractice in Halacha: Challenges in the US & Israel
45 Minutes Before Minchah


Throughout its rich history, The Jewish Center has prided itself on its advanced educational initiatives, offering engaging and relevant courses on a wide variety of Jewish topics. By opening multiple portals of entry into the world of study, our goal is to make the study of Torah and the pursuit of wisdom accessible to our members and the broader Jewish community. To that end, our mission is threefold:

TO CHALLENGE our members and participants to push beyond their comfort zones of Jewish knowledge by confronting modernity and exploring the profundities of difficult life issues.

TO EMPOWER our members and participants by engaging them in an ongoing conversation with the texts that form the backbone of our rich tradition.

TO INSPIRE our members and participants to deepen their commitment to study by making it part of their daily and weekly routines.

Borrowing from the University model, JCU recasts our highly successful educational program into a more tightly-organized structure. By broadening and varying our course offerings, attendees are able to find classes best suited to their individual preferences and schedules. 

JCU helps expand the orbit of our current network of attendees. While JC members enjoy the benefits of preferential registration, JCU is also accessible to members of the broader New York Jewish community. As such, JCU helps The Jewish Center achieve its mission of being the spiritual, intellectual and social center for each of our members as well as a Center for Jewish Life and Learning that is welcoming to all.

Please visit our homepage for a complete JCU schedule or email
Rabbi Kalman Laufer

Missed a class? All recordings can be found on our YouTube Channel.

Sun, May 26 2024 18 Iyyar 5784