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Youth Department

Committee Chair: Aliza Herzberg, Amy Latkin, David Menchel 

Youth Department Director: Izzy Selter                                       Email:

Teen Coordinator: Mordy Blau                                                  Email:

The Jewish Center Youth Department is one of the most successfully run youth programs on the Upper West Side and remains a wonderful draw for young families in our community. With professionally run Shabbat programs in our beautifully renovated Youth Center and Beit Midrash and a plethora of exciting and educational year-round events, parents of children in preschool through 6th grade can participate fully in Synagogue and Holiday services while their children are exposed to introductory tefillah education, Parsha study, and some wonderful peer fun as well. The Jewish Center is the center for the entire family, including your tots and teens.

Some of our recent events include: Our annual Pre-hakafot for Pre-Schoolers, Pizza in the Hut, Teen Dinner, Special Family Friday Night Dinner.

Weekly Shabbat Groups


Each Shabbat morning the youth department strives to enhance our children's Shabbat experience. Morning groups are back for our children to take part in Tefillah services led by our enthusiastic and skilled group leaders!

Early childhood program

Children under age 3: Lower level

Under the guidance of dedicated leaders, toddlers accompanied by a parent or caregiver will learn to love Shabbat. Your child will play, enjoy Tefillah, sing, and enjoy delicious challah and grape juice.

3-5-year-olds: Lower level

Nursery and kindergarten-aged children will enjoy free play, Tefillah and learning about the Parshah. They will also play games in a fun and engaging environment. Your child will leave each week with a passion for Shabbat!

Junior Minyan

2nd - 3rd grade: 7th floor

This group for boys and girls in 2nd-3rd grade will enrich your child’s Shabbat morning experience. Children will participate in an extended Tefillah, introducing them to the Shabbat morning service. Each week, your child will learn about the Parshah or upcoming holiday(s), leaving him/her with a deeper understanding and love of Jewish life. When the weather outside is nice, your child will play with friends on our JC rooftop.

Tween Minyan

4th - 6th grade: 5th floor

This group for kids in 4th-6th grade aims to create a welcoming environment for tweens from a variety of schools. Group games and sports build camaraderie and allow kids to make new friends.


For more information about our youth programs and to join our list serve, please contact our Youth Director, Izzy Selter, at

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