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2018- Pesach III: The Broken Bread of Redemption- Shmini shel Pesach- Click here 

2018- Pesach II: From Joseph to Joseph Süss Oppenheimer: Court Jews and the New Anti-Semitism- Click here

2018- Pesach I: Rereading the Haggadah after Stephen Hawking: A Jewish Theory of Everything- Click here

2016- Getting Used to Disappointment-Click here

2015- I. Different Night; Different People- Click here

2015- II. Where do we Begin?- Click here

2014- I.  All Those Who Have No Questions – Let Them Come and Ask- Click here

2014- II. The Ties that Bind- Click here

2014- III. Acting in Good Faith- Click here

2014- IV. The Dynamics of Jewish Memory: When the Past Becomes the Present- Click here


Fri, September 29 2023 14 Tishrei 5784