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Shabbat Hagadol

2022 - From Far and Nirtzah: The Enduring Message of the Seder's Closing Chapter - click here

2018- Memory's Anniversary: From Cairo's Jewish Quarter to New York's Jewish Center- click here

2017- When the Cup of Wrath Doth Overflow: Violence, Vengeance, Vitriol and the New Anti-Semitism- click here

2016- Korech Unwrapped:Hillel's Sandwich and the Curious Convergence of Orthodoxy and Religious Inclusivism- click here

2015 Breaking the Yachatz Code- The Historical and Theological Significance of the Seder’s Most Ephemeral Mitzvah- click here

2014 Next Year in Jerusalem: A Brief History of Hope- click here

2013 Four Glasses Half Full Literary, Halachic and Historic Perspectives on the Seder’s Most Intoxicating Mitzvah- click here

2012 Wicked: The History, Psychology and Theology Of the Degenerate Child- click here

2011 Chronos, Kairos and Chaos: The Collapse of Time on Seder Night- click here


Fri, September 29 2023 14 Tishrei 5784