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Shabbat Shuvah

2021- The Last Day To Repent? What The Pandemic Has Taught Us About Teshuvah, Community, and Heroism- Click here

2019- A History of Teshuva- The Winding Path of Penitence and Where it Leads- Click here

2017- Pursuing an Interior Life in the Age of Twitter: The Untold Story of U-Netaneh Tokef- Click here

2016- The Urgency of Shabbat in the 21st Century: What the Holiest Day of the Year Can Teach us about the Holiest Day of the Week- Click here.

2015 The Kapparot Controversy: Heresy, Atonement and the Pursuit of Imperfection- Click here

2014- Afflicted Souls The Purpose of Suffering on Yom Kippur- Click here

2013- In Praise of Regret:The Enduring Significance of our Unlived Lives- Click here

2012- Demons, Demigods and Denouement:The Scapegoat's Role in the Yom Kippur Saga- Click here 

2011- The Indignity of Indifference: A Teshuvah Perspective for our Time- Click here 

2010- Such Stuff as Dreams are Made On: The Future of Teshuvah- Click here 

2009- The Dialogue of Forgiveness- Click here



Sat, February 24 2024 15 Adar I 5784