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Committee Overview

30's + 40's Committee
Committee Chairs: Dina Burcat and Grant Silverstein
Tel: 212-724-2700 x110
Initiated to support the meeting of singles from The Jewish Center and the broader New York City community, JC Connections hosts creative programs to facilitate introductions and to maximize interaction of participants with one another. Committee members follow up with participants soon after events and assist in further relationship building between individuals who express interest in each other. 
Visit the JC Connections page for more information.

Advanced Leadership
Committee Chair: Rose Lynn Sherr
Tel: 212-724-2700 x110
The Advanced Leadership Committee will create a wide variety of programming for our 50+ member base at The Jewish Center. Past events and programs include a Hot Kiddush Luncheon, lectures, and social events. We look forward to your participation in this very exciting group. 
Visit the Advanced Leadership page for more information.

Bikur Cholim and Bikur in the Home
Committee Chairs for Bikur Cholim: Shira Silton, Leah Albek, Nava Silton, Ariel Jerushalmi 
Committee Chairs for Bikur in the Home: Esther Rimokh,
Jeffrey Feder and Yonina Teitlebaum, 
These committees do home visits and visit Mount Sinai Hospital every Shabbat afternoon. In addition, they make calls and run errands for those in need of assistance. 
Visit the Bikur Cholim page for more information.
Visit the Bikur in the Home page for more information.

Births Committee
Committee Chairs: Elana Kaminetzky
Tel: 212-724-2700 x110
The work of this important committee represents one of the hallmarks of The Jewish Center: the sense of family that we aim to create. When parents celebrate the birth of a new baby, JC members help alleviate some of the stress of those first days. By providing meals, this committee helps ensure that our members feel the personal touch of The JC family. But it doesn't stop there. The Births Committee focuses on welcoming new parents and making it simple to be part of The JC Shabbat community through simple things, like creating a comfortable and private nursing room. Our Community Play Dates help you meet other parents and create a network of growing families. Our events aim to provide resources and support for new moms. Having a baby at The JC means you have a network of experts to fall back on, a group of friends for both you and your baby to hang out with, and the warmth of a community that is as excited for this new stage in your life as you are.

Chevra Kadisha
Andy Kaplan
Tel:212-724-2700 x555

Committee Chair: Bernard Falk
Tel:212-724-2700 x119
Throughout its rich history, The Jewish Center has prided itself on its advanced educational initiatives, offering engaging and relevant courses on a wide variety of Jewish topics. By opening multiple portals of entry into the world of study, our goal is to make the study of Torah and the pursuit of wisdom accessible to our members and the broader Jewish community. 
Visit the Education page for more information.

Committee Chairs: Chani Segall, Elana Kaminetzky
212-724-2700 x119,

The Hospitality Committee promotes the value of hachnasat orchim, welcoming guests, and creates an environment of warmth in the shul by welcoming newcomers and members each week.
Visit the Hospitality page for more information.

New Members Committee                                                                                              Committee Chairs: Alana Schwartz

Oneg Shabbat
Committee Chair: Sherry Fessel,
Oneg Shabbat distributes Shabbat food to those within our community who are unable to provide for themselves. Meals are prepared and delivered in a manner which preserves the dignity and privacy of those served. 
Visit the Oneg Shabbat page for more information.

Committee Chair: Jeff Smith
The Safety committee ensures compliance with all governmental safety regulations. It outlines safety procedures and educates both staff and membership about these procedures. It provides training in appropriate life-saving techniques to staff, officers and JC members. 

Shivah Committee
Committee Chair: Adina Wagman
The Shivah Committee provides support and comfort to recently bereaved members by coordinating and providing meals to families during the week of shivah

Committee Chairs: Gilda Chodosh, Angela Himsel, and Rachel Lurie
Tel: 212-724-2700 x110
The Sisterhood's mission is to provide cultural, educational and social programs for Jewish Center members. In the past, this has encompassed a broad range of activities, from attending the opera to learning to bake challah to engaging in of-the-moment discussions at the annual brunch. Participants include young women in their teens to members of all generations. The Sisterhood is pleased to use the proceeds from these events and from annual dues to enhance and improve the aesthetics of The Jewish Center's appearance. We hope you will join us for upcoming programs. 
Visit the Sisterhood page for more information.

Committee Chiars: Amy Latkin & Dana Markow
Ushers create a warm and welcoming environment for Jewish Center members and guests by greeting them and welcoming them to our services on Shabbat and on holidays. 

Women’s Tehillim Group
Committee Chairs: Joyce Weitz and Golda Reena Rothman
Tel: 212-877-1176
The Women’s Tehillim group meets biweekly, on Monday evenings at 7:15, to read Tehillim for those who are ill. Women of all ages are welcome to join for one or continual weeks. If you would like to add a name of someone who is ill to the list, please call Joyce Weitz at the number above. To find out when they are meeting next please check our weekly Shabbat Bulletin.

Young Couples and Families
Committee Co-Chairs 

Marni Bernheim, David Bernheim, Franni Nagel, Josh Nagel, Rachel Brunelle, Austin Feit, Phil Lederman, Jodi Lederman, Penina Kalatsky, Eli Kalatsky, Sydney Taub, Brandon Taub
Tel: 212-724-2700 x110
Young Couples & Families (YCF) schedules a wide range of exciting programs to facilitate Jewish Center young couples and families meeting one another and to develop relationships with other members and with the clergy. Be a part of this wonderful network of couples and families.
Visit the Young Couples and Families page for more information.

Young Leadership
Committee Members: 
Ilana Bauman, Gavriel Epstein, Jonathan Goldstein, Ayelet Golubtchik, Avi Hirsch, Benjy Levi, Sarah Levovitz, Rachel Mendelsohn, Pinchas Teitz, Leah Weintraub
Tel: 212-724-2700 x119
The Young Leadership Committee is a dynamic group that services the young adult population of our community through an ambitious calendar of social and religious events. The nucleus of YL's programming is the weekly Shabbat minyan, a spiritual service in a warm atmosphere, including a sermon by JC clergy. The YL minyan sponsors a monthly hot Kiddush and Friday night dinners to please the palate as well as the soul, and Friday night onegs in casual venues to meet other members as well as the rabbis.
Visit the Young Leadership page for more information.

Youth Department
Youth Director: Izzy Selter
Committee Chair:  Amy Latkin, David Menchel
Tel: 212-724-2700 x114
The Jewish Center Youth Department is one of the most successfully run youth programs on the Upper West Side and remains a wonderful draw for young families in our community. With professionally run Shabbat programs in our beautifully renovated Youth Center and Beit Midrash and a plethora of exciting and educational year-round events, parents of children in preschool through 6th grade can participate fully in Synagogue and Holiday services while their children are exposed to introductory tefillah education, Parsha study, and some wonderful peer fun as well. The Jewish Center is the center for the entire family, including your tots and teens. 
Some of our recent events include: Our annual Pre-hakafot for Pre-Schoolers, Pizza in the Hut, Teen Dinner and a Special Family Friday Night Dinner featuring the Bible Players.
Visit the Youth Department page for more information.

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